Blind Keyway | Blind Hole Broaching

Blind Hole Broaching, or Blind Keyway Broaching, Unique in 2 Respects:

1) The tool that is used to do the work does not pass completely through the workpiece; and

2) The tool is drawn backward over the broached surface at the end of the work stroke.

Special tools are designed to accomplish this task, as it take a particularly seasoned craftsman to execute the work in such a way that the desired tolerances are kept, while insuring all surfaces are perfect.

Blind Keyway

If you’re in need of a keyway in a blind hole (a hole with a bottom), we can cut any including blind keyways with a groove relief at the end of the keyway. Contact us for a blind keyway demo.

Blind Hole Broaching Advantages

  • Only method of cutting slots, shapes and forms on certain piece parts
  • More cost-effective and faster than plunge EDM
  • Precise keyway cutting tolerances
  • Complex internal forms

Highly Versatile

The blind broach makes indents and shapes in metal workpieces. Shapes include round, square, hex and more and can be done in small sizes 1/4″ diameter up to very large. Blind broaches can also be done for a one of a kind prototype or thousands of piece production run. It’s also possible to combine shapes of different sizes and depths on the same workpiece.

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